GE Unveils Largest Solar Carport At Upstate New York

General Electric (GE) has installed a 2.26 MW solar carport outside the headquarters of GE Power at Schenectady, NY.

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It is the upstate New York’s largest solar panel array consisting of 6,800 solar modules, expected to generate sufficient on-site power to save the campus approximately $1.5 million in energy costs.

The solar solution is made possible by Current, GE’s digital energy start-up unit that makes customers more energy efficient and productive.

“We are proud that one of GE’s most historic campuses will now serve as a symbol of our ongoing investment in clean energy,” said Maryrose Sylvester, President & CEO of Boston-based Current. “Together with our customers, we look forward to continuing to show and realize renewable energy’s unlimited potential.”

According to Current, the Schenectady installation is capable of producing up to 2.26 megawatts of power, and is expected to save GE about $1.5 million on its utility bills.

“GE believes that energy should be more affordable, reliable and sustainable everywhere, including on our own campuses,” Sylvester added. “This site has a tremendous history of manufacturing. It’s really appropriate that this is where we place our largest solar carport facility.”

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