LEDVANCE Wins iF Design Award 2017

LEDVANCE’s booth concept was a winner of this year’s iF DESIGN AWARD, a world-renowned design prize.

Image Credit: www.ledvance.com

According to LEDVANCE, an independent jury of 58 experts selected the booth for its unique, cutting-edge design and concept. The winning product won in the discipline Interior Architecture.

“The starting point of the spatial booth conception is the interplay of light and shadow: two differently designed areas in white and black create two exceptional dualistic but interdependent environments,” said LEDVANCE.

The white side of the brand wall represents the ‘Smart Home’ with presence, technical progress and a future wise preview. It is where visitors can control LEDVANCE smart lamps using mobile devices and experience smart lighting. On the black side is the product group ‘Edition 1906,’ offering a retrospective look onto the past.

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