Feit Electric Introduces New LED Original Vintage with a Twist

Feit Electric, a leading global lighting manufacturer and pioneer in energy efficient lighting, has announced its new product line, LED Original Vintage with a twist.

Image Credit: www.feit.com

These energy-saving, long-lasting LED light bulbs now come with curved design filaments. Literally a twist, its swirl, knot or loop offers an impeccable design and unique, but traditional look.

According to Fit Electric, the Original Vintage look has been trendy for hospitality uses like restaurants and hotels at first, but has recently trickled its way into the home and in mass market retail in a variety of styles.

“Leveraging nearly 40 years of innovation, including being one of the first to bring CFL and LED technologies to market, we brought more fun to the curved filament historic look by incorporating the latest LED technology, delivering greater energy efficiency to customers,” Feit Electric claimed.

Feit Electric’s LED Original Vintage Glass bulbs offer an elegant, beautiful warm, amber glow that creates a vintage touch, at an affordable price.

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