Acuity Brands Explores Atrius to Help Businesses Get the Most Out of Internet of Things

Atrius encompasses the company’s complete portfolio of Internet of Things business solutions and innovative Atrius software platform. 

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Acuity Brands has released an in-depth article on how AtriusTM brand would help businesses navigate and optimize the Internet of Things.

According to Acuity Brands, they discussed several offerings and tools to build IoT solutions on top of the data collected from their LED lighting and building management systems.

It covers the Atrius Sensory Network which unlocks the business data existing in a space, and the Atrius Platform which takes that data and puts it to use by distributing built-in software services throughout the IoT infrastructure.

The platform comprises four essential services, such as Atrius Navigator, Atrius Spaces, Atrius Assets, and Atrius Insights.

“As companies convert to LED, they generate enough energy savings to allow for simultaneous IoT infrastructure installation,” said Acuity Brands. “With shorter payback periods, companies can operationalize a fully-functioning, lighting-based digital network to really turbocharge their business.”

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