Osram Introduces New SiCompact Range of Floodlights for the Efficient LED Lighting of Surfaces and Areas

SiCompact LED floodlights from Osram, the premier choice for standard lighting tasks outdoors, delivers economical, low-maintenance and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

Image credit: www.osram-group.com

Osram has extended its SiteCo floodlight classic with these new LED versions, SiCompact LED floodlights, which focus on maximum reliability, simple installation and high quality.

According to Osram, the SiCompact family is available in three construction sizes with rated luminous flux from 4,000lm to 23,800lm; therefore, it is ideal for a variety of lighting tasks around buildings, facades, advertising walls, parking lots and worksites, as well as utilisation planes in trade and commerce.

“The range of floodlights ensures efficient operation with up to 120 lm/W and scores with a service life of 60,000 hours (L70/B50),” said Osram. “The lighting technology generates asymmetric light distribution on the utilisation plane with an illuminated surface up to five times larger than standard products.”

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