Panasonic Launches an Amazing Spectacle at the Osaka Derby

Panasonic combined music and light, and used its cutting-edge technologies to deliver high quality, fan engaging performance at the Osaka Derby’s field projection mapping event.  

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Panasonic Corporation recently announced its production and direction of “Osaka Derby Projection Night” organized by Gamba Osaka to mark the finale of the Gamba Osaka vs Cerezo Osaka match (also known as the “Osaka Derby”).

“The Osaka Derby is a special match for our team, fans, and supporters, and we have all been on the edge of our seats as we watched the match,” said Mr. Shinji Ito, Sales Manager of Gamba Osaka. “By creating a finale worthy of the Osaka Derby together with Panasonic, we hope to provide an unforgettable experience, environment for the Gamba Osaka fans visiting the stadium.”

According to the news release, the company continues to contribute to the development of the entertainment industry, as it will once again put on a new and unique projection mapping live show to unify the supporters and the stadium by leveraging its large-scale imaging solutions and technologies. Panasonic mapped the 3,700m2 pitch with exceptionally bright, high resolution images using 15 state-of-the-art super bright projectors, PT-RZ31K(luminance [center]: 31,000 lumens), combining music, light, as well as a cheerleading performance.

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