ADVS-technologies launches Crowd Funding Campaign for the first Intelligent Colour LED Illuminated Street Address Sign

The Patented MagicSign™ uses colour LED’s and less than 1 Watt of energy to produce enough light to visibly see street addresses from hundreds of feet away, which will minimize responders’ response time trying to identify the location of a crisis.

Image credit: flickr User: Steve Snodgrass
Image credit: flickr User: Steve Snodgrass

“We all owe it to the brave man and women of our firefighting and law enforcement teams. Having an opportunity to show our support in their line-of-duty when every second counts by illuminating our street number signs, is definitely a good decision,” says inventor Zack Braunstein.

According to the news release on the PR Web, the company will use the funds to develop and release the patented Intelligent Colour LED Illuminated Street Address Sign into production.

In addition to super-efficient LED’s providing ParallelView™ illumination, the product also utilizes Plug-n-Power™ patented DC power distribution technology that allows for simple installation.

Each unit has an installed intelligent controller that monitors ambient light, temperature and supply voltage, while automatically adjusting illumination intensity to sustain operation within safety limits at all times.

“With the addition of an optional MagicBackupPower™ kit you’ll always have the peace of mind that the MagicSign™ and MagicSignNET™ will be there and operational when you need them most. During a complete or partial loss of electricity they will not only continue to illuminate your street address, but also provide reasonable general illumination of the area below the sign,” concludes Braunstein.

ADVS-technologies is a start-up company that specializes in the development of innovative proprietary technologies, with the sole objective to provide effective and efficient environmentally friendly solutions aimed at improving quality of services.

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