OzShoppe to launch Melbourne LED lighting resources and shopping portal

OzShoppe.com, the leading online shopping portal in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has announced that it will be launching a brand new portal in the coming months that will be dedicated to LED products and LED lighting technology.

Image credit: PR Web
Image credit: PR Web

According to the press release on the PR Web, the new lighting portal will provide customers with better and much more comprehensive services by offering a wide range of LED-based products and services.

Further, the Australia LED lighting portal will also provide information and resources on all aspects of LED products, featuring a complete guide and information segment, a technical guide segment as well as educational materials for beginners who will be able to learn how to install, repair and maintain their LED fixtures.

The portal will also offer information about warranty, technical support, customer service and certification. Information about top suppliers, LED display technology, latest technology, major brands in manufacturing and marketing and best products available will also be included.

Members will also have the opportunity to learn about the various types of LED bulbs, LED tubes, LED power supply, drivers and other related components, as well as how the components are used and how they can be efficiently implemented.

Reviews of the top LED manufacturers in Australia and China will also be featured in order to evaluate all the major players and LED makers.

The OzShoppe LED lighting portal will offer the best products at the best prices from the best manufacturers and brands with all April deliveries free of charge and no registration required. Visitors can browse the product categories and pay online.

For further information, go to http://www.ozshoppe.com/

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